In which I am officially a hippy now

Our apartment now contains one 16-oz bottle of unscented Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap. This was actually not bought out of environmental concerns, though it is organic and fair-trade, but because sodium laurel/laureth sulfate is a known skin irritant, and thus might be contributing to Ben’s hands being more irritated lately. We’re also quarantining all the animal fiber I’ve been spinning until we know if that’s contributing to it. But anyway…I looked up the story behind the soap in the amusing bottles. That guy was weird.  The harmless, mystical kind of weird, though.  I’m going to pick up two smaller bottles (possibly peppermint-scented) to keep by the bathroom and kitchen sinks.  The big bottle will live in the shower.  Then we will refill the bottles at the co-op, minimizing packaging.

Adding to the hippifying of the house are several pairs of more eco-friendly socks.  They contain significant percentages of hemp, corn, and bamboo fibers (there were also ones with soysilk, but only short ones, which I don’t like as much).  It’s not organic or anything, so it’s not really all that much better than regular cotton, but they were pretty, I needed socks anyway, I can’t afford to get completely eco-friendly socks at this time, and I feel like supporting companies that are doing even that little bit.  Next time I need a big load of socks, I’ll look into getting 100% bamboo or organic cotton or something.  Same with underwear.  Other stuff I’m just going to keep buying used.


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