Garbage Stats

Friday is Garbage Day, so last night I weighed the week’s garbage.  There was one bag into which we’d been putting mainly standard everyday stuff.  That weighed in at about four pounds.  Call it five to account for stuff put down the disposal and the small amount of trash I produce at work.  Divided by two people is about 2.5 pounds per person per week, or 0.36 pounds per person per day.  Whee!

There was another slightly bigger bag from the massive apartment-cleaning that’s been going on, which I will guess weighed about five pounds, bringing our per-person total to 0.71 pounds per day.  Also were two paper grocery bags full of paper to recycle, and a 1/3 full blue bin of mixed recyclables, which I didn’t weigh.  The recyclables were from the past two weeks, and the paper had been accumulating for the past several months, in the case of most of it because of apartment-cleaning.  I’ll get a better idea of our normal recycling accumulation next week, and add that to the “normal garbage” tally.

So we produced slightly more than the target maximum of direct-to-landfill garbage on a week when we were throwing out drastically more stuff than normal.  That’s just kind of shiny.  We do produce quite a lot of recyclables…that’s going to be a bigger number partly because mixed recyclables are so much heavier than our normal trash.  The only things we throw out now are plastic wrappings, a few random heavy things like the dead hot pot this week, and compostables which will soon be actually composted.  Wheras in the recycling is all the glass and metal and hard plastic.  So we’ll look a little less glowing when I weigh that.  But I’m happy…I hadn’t realized we produced quite that little garbage.


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