Very local produce, and progress on other fronts

It was quite warm last evening, and Ben wanted a salad for dinner.  We were out of leafy things, and I really didn’t want to walk to the Hannaford after having walked home with a considerable detour to get containers for bulk stuff.  So Ben decides to try the dandelions which are growing prolifically in the bits of the front yard that I haven’t turned into garden.  He pulled up most of them and washed them, and they turned out to actually be quite tasty in a salad with lots of orange chunks and scallions.  We’d had dandelion greens before, but weren’t sure if cultivated ones were significantly differnet from wild.  The front yard isn’t sprayed or anything, so they should be mostly safe.  “I feel much better about the idea of eating locally now,” says Ben.  :-)

We then did quite a lot of reorganization of the kitchen, mainly moving most of the bulk goods to bins in the lower cupboard, where they are easier to see and access and are better organized.  This will remind us to eat the collection of Random Weird Grains we have.  (Why did I buy kasha?  I don’t actually like kasha.  There is some other dish that I like that must sound like kasha, because I keep getting kasha and being very disappointed.  I’ll grind it up in the Cuisinart and put it in bread.)  And we can just take the bins to the Co-op or even the Hannaford and get them refilled without having to go through another plastic rice bag.  Because of Great Apartment Reorganization Project, tons of stuff is ending up in the trash and the recycle bins and the “to go to the thrift store” pile, which is going to throw off my data in attempting to figure out how much garbage we use, but I think it’ll be good to get a baseline of what happens when we produce really unusual quantities of trash.

Speaking of the garden, there are now tiny little sproutlings coming up where I scattered the “wildflower” seeds.  Maybe they’ll grow something after all?  I have given up on the basil.  I’ll stop by the Central Square farmer’s market on Monday and get some herb seedlings.

Our landlord has also finally installed the low-flow showerhead!  I will test this out tomorrow.  And my hair really seems to like this baking soda and vinegar thing.  I’m not going back to shampoo.  I’ll use the remaining shampoo in the bottle as soap.  Or even dishsoap or something.  It still cleans things without being toxic at all; it’s the nice eco-friendly hippy stuff.  It just doesn’t actually seem to be a sensible thing to use on my hair.


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