On bags

I didn’t post this in the list of things I’ve been doing lately, but one major improvement in our apartment is the lack of plastic bags. We just took the giant pile to the Hannaford, saving a nice big bag of actual Hannaford bags for use in small trash cans. We have two foldable bags from the Hannaford, an assortment of canvas totes, a keep-things-cold bag, and a set of ten muslin produce bags in two sizes. The produce bags have been incredibly helpful, as produce is one of those things that just really needs to go in a bag, to protect both it and other things in your shopping cart. And to add to their usefulness, they can even be used as cheesecloth to strain things :-)

Since the Co-op sells *everything* in bulk, and allows you to bring your own containers (if it’s heavy, you can bring it to the deli and they’ll weigh it and put a tare weight sticker on it so you don’t have to pay for the weight of the glass jar or whatever), I’m saving resealable bags from rice and Trader Joe’s goodies and such to put bulk things in. I’ll stop by the Co-op either tomorrow or Tuesday and get an assortment of interesting-looking crunchy snack foods and dried fruits. I’m considering becoming a Co-op member, but I’m not sure if it’s worth it. One level of membership gets you coupons, which are almost always for the prepackaged things I’m trying not to buy anyway, and the second level requires quite a large down payment for what’s unlikely to be a useful payback at the end of the year unless the majority of your groceries come from there. I want to support them, but I should probably just do that by shopping there.


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