Normally, this is more of a noodles-and-rice household.  But lately we’ve been experimenting with bread.  First there was the Miracle Flatbread/Dumpling Dough Discovery (2 cups flour, 2-3 T oil/butter, enough water for it to stick together), and now I’ve been working on leavened dough.

I’ve modified the light whole-wheat recipe in The Joy of Cooking to make it non-egg, because we haven’t found eggs from happy chickens yet, and added some oatmeal.  Last week I made two loaves of bread, one braided, and twelve little TVP-and-scallion filled buns.  The buns could have had a  higher filling-to-bread ratio, but were quite tasty, and the bread was a huge success.  We used up the last of that bread this morning, and I just took today’s bread experiment out of the oven.  I used the same recipe as last time, but the oats were more thoroughly cooked (leftover from breakfast yesterday) and used rice milk instead of water.  And then I added things.  Loaf #1 has saffron, coarsly ground orange zest, and toasted sunflower seeds, and has been named Sunshine Bread.  Loaf #2 has millet and toasted sunflower seeds.  Loaf #3 has cumin.  I’ve only tried the Sunshine loaf yet and…wow.  It has a wonderful orangy flavor without being at all overly sweet, and the sunflower seeds give it some nice texture.  Whole wheat and orange are friends!


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